Architects and Builders

Let Southern Sentry, the local professional security specialists, help simplify designing and installing security into your buildings and plans. Our professionals have been creating security systems for homes and businesses for more than 15 years.

We make your job easier

We simplify the challenges of incorporating security into your plans and buildings. We are your one-stop shop for complete design, procurement, installation and consulting services for all the security and technology requirements your clients may have. We start with an assessment of security needs based on building type, location, and usage. We also look at cost effectiveness for both you and your clients. Finally, we help you address security needs early in the design process to ensure you have the information and specifications you need.

Security for business, professional and commercial buildings – Security is more than just protecting people. We take a holistic approach to your job. Will this building need to protect inventory or data? Will the professional building hold medical offices or services which can be a prime target for drug-related break ins? We help design a system around these types of needs and incorporate solutions right into the basic security and fire system.

Home Security – Each home and family you build for has their own unique considerations. You don’t want “cookie cutter” systems. Depend on Southern Sentry to help incorporate customized, flexible, easy-to-live-with systems into your plans. We also help anticipate security, lightening and medical needs that may become an issue in the future. So your clients benefit from a system that meets their needs today and can grow and adapt to changing needs tomorrow.

Since we’re in the community, we understand local ordinances and requirements and help design them into your plans from the start. Work with the local security specialist as Southern Sentry. You’ll save time, money, and trouble — increase your bottom line while you cut the market time of your homes and business/commercial projects.