Residential & Business Services

Let Southern Sentry make the security odds in your favor.

Burglaries and break-ins happen. Southern Sentry put the odds in your favor theydon’t happen to you, your home, or your business. Work with your Southern Sentry professional to select just the right combination of security and convenience to create a Security System that’s as easy to use as it is on your budget.

Easy-use Control Center Panels are your dashboard – providing you with fingertip access to setting and managing your security system. It takes just a few taps to make changes to your system. Protection codes ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the panels.

Perimeter protection makes your perimeter a hard target. This is your first line of defense for your doors, windows and skylights. For another layer of protection add perimeter lighting geared to timers or motion sensors. Settings run the gamut from fully armed to perimeter-only to on-watch to alert you to someone entering the premises, to fully disarmed.

Internal security adds another level of protection. When you work with Southern Sentry professionals, you’ll feel better knowing all your security is designed around your needs. Internal sensors sound the alert or simply notify you when there is unexpected or unauthorized activity within your home or business.

Add fire detection and carbon monoxide protection to ensure authorities are alerted as soon as possible to save lives and reduce damage. Your fire and carbon monoxide alerts combined with perimeter and interior protection provide the 1-2 security punch foundation of your protection and intruder/emergency detection system.

Emergency Medical Monitoring could save your life by calling for help if someone in your home or business has an accident or sudden illness. This is especially useful for people with chronic illnesses, those who live alone or anyone who may need fast medical support.

Lightening and Climate Control integrates security and energy savings. Why run AC, heating or lights at full capacity when a building is empty? Lightening and Climate Control lets you program your system to adjust temperature controls and lighting for optimum savings – then crank up in time make a comfortable, well-lit environment. Control lighting atmosphere with the touch of a button or program lights to come on and off when you’re away. An especially important layer of security for vacation homes.

Home Entertainment Systems – Whether you want a home theater or the ability to have music or video throughout your home or business, rely on the professionals at Southern Sentry to help you get just the right features and placement you want.

Need more? Include security cameras you can monitor from your computer or additional motion detection sensors that alert you and your monitoring facility to any unauthorized movement in your business or home.

System Monitoring – Ensure help is on the way. Rely on our UL approved monitoring station to be “on watch” for any alarm you system may raise. They’re there 24/7 to alert you and the authorities to any issues – whether you’re on the premises or not.

Work with the professionals at Southern Sentry for all your security needs. You reduce the chances of break in, vandalism, burglaries and loss – all from an easy-to-use system customized to work for your needs and your budget.